City of Winnipeg resumes Community Service Ambassador program

Road construction season underway

Commitment to road renewal continues to be a priority during pandemic

Released: 9:29 a.m.

Winnipeg, MB – The City of Winnipeg’s annual road construction program is underway with nearly 150 construction projects planned city-wide. In total, over 125 lane kilometers of infrastructure improvements are scheduled this year.

The road construction projects scheduled this year represent a total investment of approximately $152.2 million in improvements, to local and regional streets, back lanes, sidewalks, and active transportation routes. Approximately 90 percent of the projects have been tendered to date.

“Cooperative weather conditions gave us a head start this spring allowing many road construction projects to get underway a bit early across our city,” said Mayor Brian Bowman. “From 2015-2021, our road renewal investments have more than doubled over the previous 7 years and this level of investment has allowed us to complete almost 900 lane kilometers of roadwork. This is approximately the distance from Winnipeg to the Alberta border.”

The City’s investment in regional and local road renewal this year reflects the full value of the two percent increase in property taxes. It also marks the third year of a five-year accelerated regional roads investment program, jointly funded by the Government of Canada, the Province of Manitoba, and the City.

“Thank you to the people of Winnipeg for your patience and cooperation with the ever-growing roster of construction projects that are cutting deep into our infrastructure deficit, we are getting more and more caught up every year,” said Chair of the Standing Policy Committee on Infrastructure Renewal and Public Works, Councillor Matt Allard. “When planning and scheduling road construction projects each year, the City strives to reduce construction’s impact to traffic flow, businesses, and the general public.”

To reduce the impact of construction, the City will occasionally permit or require some 24/7 construction when there is an identifiable benefit to the city and public. It is usually for tasks that need completing in succession and in short duration. The City also uses condensed or restricted construction schedules, and where appropriate includes accelerated completion incentives in construction contracts.

This year’s road renewal budget includes portions of the following major reconstruction and rehabilitation projects:

Notable Regional Street Renewal Projects scheduled this year

  • Reconstruction of University Crescent (start of 2-year project) – $9.9 million
  • Donald Street and Hargrave Street renewal – $8.3 million
  • Completion of work on Corydon Avenue, including the intersection at Cambridge Street – $3 million
  • Nairn Avenue Overpass deck rehabilitation – $1.4 million

A full list of road construction projects is outlined in the multi-year Capital Budget.

During the road construction season, motorists are encouraged to plan ahead, allow additional travel time, and to download and use Waze to find the fastest route.

Waze is a free, real-time traffic and navigation app, allowing users to share and receive anonymous traffic information from the City’s Transportation Management Centre (TMC) as well as other drivers.

For road construction information, including lane closures on major streets and an interactive map of construction projects, see: City of Winnipeg – Road Construction.

Mayor Bowman Announces Grant for Take Pride Winnipeg to Help Keep Public Spaces Cleaner This Summer

Released: 10:37 a.m.

Winnipeg, MB – Today, Mayor Bowman announced a $55,000 grant to Take Pride Winnipeg to hire 10 students and a supervisor to provide additional cleaning of Winnipeg parks and Business Improvement Zones this summer, from July 1st until September 6, 2021.

“During the pandemic, our City parks are providing valuable outdoor spaces for residents in our community to safely enjoy,” said Mayor Brian Bowman. “Parks are important spaces that promote active living and healthy communities. With increased use of our parks, there is a need for additional cleanup and that’s why I’m pleased to support Take Pride Winnipeg.”

The students will work throughout the city, cleaning and emptying containers, as well as spending time working to help Business Improvements Zones with their litter pickup programs.

“Every year, Take Pride Winnipeg spends the spring and summer cleaning up our parks, open spaces and streets around the city,” said Tom Ethans, Executive Director of Take Pride Winnipeg. “This year, we are seeing increased use, and unfortunately, increased litter in our public spaces. While we’d always like to see people keeping our spaces clean, it is clear that more help is needed this year and this grant is welcomed assistance.” 

City of Winnipeg resumes Community Service Ambassador program

Additional By-Law Enforcement Officers also deployed to help support COVID-19 enforcement activities

Released: 1:07 p.m.

Winnipeg, MB – In an effort to encourage voluntary compliance with the Province of Manitoba’s public health orders, we are resuming our Community Service Ambassador (CSA) program and increasing the number of By-Law Enforcement Officers dedicated to COVID-19 enforcement activities.

Approximately 129 Community Services Department employees affected by the closure of City recreation facilities due to changes to the province’s public health orders have been temporarily redeployed to support the CSA program.

Effective today, CSAs are being deployed Assiniboine, St. Vital, and Kildonan parks. They will provide information when they encounter groups larger than the provincial size restrictions, and remind residents of the health orders currently in place.

When education and reinforcement of the current gathering restrictions is not successful, CSAs will call upon By-Law Enforcement Officers to assist with non-compliance and carry out enforcement measures if required.

On May 14, the number of By-law Enforcement Officers dedicated to support COVID-19 related enforcement activities increased from five to nine.

Residents who observe individuals in contravention of the province’s public health orders are advised to contact 311.

Additional temporary staff redeployments 

Approximately 40 Community Services Department employees affected by recreation facility closures have been temporarily redeployed to Public Works to help pick up litter in areas of highest need for cleanup around the city, including along river walks, active transportation pathways, sidewalks, in parks, and back lanes. Staff will also be removing invasive plant species in parks and maintaining trails.

The City has been working closely with Canadian Union of Public Employees (CUPE) throughout the COVID-19 pandemic, and will continue to work with CUPE during the roll out of these temporary reassignments to ensure affected employees continue to make a meaningful contribution to our community, while still retaining their pay and benefits.

For more information on the City’s response to COVID-19, please see:

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