Review Process for the 2022 Balanced Budget Update Initiated

Review Process for the 2022 Balanced Budget Update Initiated

Released: 9:52 a.m.

Winnipeg, MB – Mayor Brian Bowman and Councillor Scott Gillingham (St. James) Chair of the Standing Policy Committee on Finance, today announced the initiation of the 2022 City of Winnipeg Balanced Budget Update Review Process.

“As cities across Canada continue to weather the storm caused by the global pandemic, this year’s Balanced Budget Update will remain focused on mitigating the impact on the City of Winnipeg’s finances,” said Mayor Brian Bowman. “Thanks to the difficult decisions made during the multi-year balanced budgets in March of 2020, the 2022 Balanced Budget Update will look to keep the budget balanced with tax increases limited to 2.33 percent while continuing to look at ways to be more efficient in the face of pandemic-related financial impacts.”

The 2022 Balanced Budget Update will continue the work done in the 2021 Balanced Budget Update by continuing to address the financial challenges associated with the global pandemic. Councillor Scott Gillingham will be actively engaging all City Councillors to provide information and seek input on the 2022 Balanced Budget Update and how the City will address the pandemic-related financial impacts that will be faced in 2022.

“It was prudent that the 2022 Budget was balanced in March of 2020 as part of the multi-year balanced budget process, however, the ongoing financial impact of COVID-19 will continue to put increased pressure on the City’s ability to reach revenue projections next year,” said Councillor Scott Gillingham. “The City’s operating budget recovery will take multiple years and there is presently no indication that senior levels of government will be providing additional operating funding. The 2022 Balanced Budget Update process will focus primarily on addressing the financial pressures of the pandemic and positioning the city for recovery. As the second annual update to the multi-year balanced budget, adopting the 2022 Balanced Budget Update will be a crucial next step in the ongoing management of City finances.”

The budget working group will be tasked with preparing for a preliminary budget that is balanced, limits property tax increases to 2.33 percent, and invests in our community while Winnipeg emerges from the global pandemic. The budget working group will include the Mayor and the chair of each of the Standing Policy Committees.

Residents, community groups, associations, and other stakeholders will have the opportunity to participate and provide further input on the 2022 Balanced Budget Update once the preliminary operating and capital budget recommendations are tabled publicly. It is anticipated the 2022 Balanced Budget Update will come to a vote before the end of the year. The specific tabling date, as well as the Standing Policy Committee meeting schedule to consider the preliminary budget, will be announced in the coming weeks.

Mayor Bowman Announces New Acting Deputy Mayor

Released: 9:02 a.m.

Winnipeg, MB – Today, Mayor Bowman announced that Councillor Markus Chambers (St Norbert – Seine River) has been appointed as the new Acting Deputy Mayor.

“As we enter the 4th wave of the pandemic and continue to encourage more of our residents to get vaccinated, I will be asking the Acting Deputy Mayor as well as Deputy Mayor John Orlikow to more actively promote the importance of vaccines. Today’s announcement will help to ensure even greater alignment with the Acting Deputy Mayor regarding the City’s response to COVID-19,” said Mayor Brian Bowman. “I want to thank Councillor Vivian Santos for her work as Acting Deputy Mayor. As members of Council, we will continue to collaborate on city building efforts for the benefit of the residents of Point Douglas and Winnipeg as a whole.”

Today’s change takes effect immediately and Mayor Bowman welcomes Councillor Chambers to the role of Acting Deputy Mayor.

Winnipeg’s Indigenous Accord welcomes new partners in commitment to the Journey of Reconciliation

Released: 9:47 a.m.

Winnipeg, MB – Today, 39 additional local organizations, businesses, groups, and individuals joined the City of Winnipeg and the other 161 signatories in their commitment to the ongoing Journey of Reconciliation in Winnipeg by formally becoming partners of Winnipeg’s Indigenous Accord at a signing ceremony held at City Hall. Today’s signatories bring the total number of Accord partners to 200 and demonstrates a strong community commitment to Winnipeg’s Journey of Reconciliation.

“The recent discoveries of unmarked graves at multiple residential school sites across Canada has invoked a tremendous amount of pain and trauma,” said Mayor Brian Bowman. “The Journey of Reconciliation we are all on requires acknowledgement of these devastating wrongs and continued support of the healing process for Indigenous communities. And so, it is heartening and encouraging to see nearly 40 new signatories formally join the City and our community partners by signing onto the Indigenous Accord. I want to thank each of those individuals and organizations that signed on today.” 

The Accord guides our shared commitment to the Journey of Reconciliation, and is rooted in the Truth and Reconciliation Commission’s (TRC) 94 Calls to Action and is guided by the commitments and principles contained in the Accord.

As a living document, the Accord is an ongoing responsibility accepted by signatories, who through becoming partners to the Accord agree to report the success of their commitment to reconciliation and their future goals on an annual basis.

Collaboration with other organizations and groups, across sectors, and with Indigenous organizations, governments, and individuals is essential to the ongoing Journey of Reconciliation in Winnipeg to make our city a better place to live based on mutual respect, equal opportunity, and hope.

The City accepts partner applications throughout the year. To view the Accord and submit your request to become a partner, please visit

The new partners who signed onto Winnipeg’s Indigenous Accord today include:

  • 1JustCity
  • Association for Manitoba Archives
  • Association of Fundraising Professionals, Manitoba Chapter
  • Big Brothers Big Sisters of Winnipeg
  • Career Trek
  • Continental Travel Group
  • Cushman & Wakefield | Stevenson
  • Education Canada Group – Robertson College
  • Enabling Access Inc.
  • Futurpreneur Canada
  • Green Action Centre Inc.
  • High Tea Bakery
  • Indigeno Travel
  • International College of Manitoba
  • Ka Ni Kanichihk
  • Legal Help Centre of Winnipeg Inc.
  • Little Bluestem Landscape Architecture + Design
  • Manitoba Construction Sector Council
  • Marymound
  • Momenta Inc.
  • Mosaic Newcomer Family Resource Network
  • Mother Earth Recycling
  • North Point Douglas Women’s Centre
  • Ogniwo Polish Museum
  • Prairie Theatre Exchange
  • Red River Lacrosse Association
  • Sara Riel inc.
  • Share the Gifts – Honour the Treaties
  • Southeast Collegiate
  • St. Boniface Street Links
  • Summit Search Group
  • The Winnipeg Foundation
  • The WRENCH Winnipeg Repair Education and Cycling Hub
  • U Multicultural
  • Urban Systems Ltd.
  • Vincent Massey Collegiate
  • WAPSO/IFPTE Local 162
  • Winnipeg Free Press

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