Business Development and Immigration Officer

The Winkler Stanley Economic Development Corporation was founded in 1959 as the “Winkler Industrial Development Co Ltd.” and in 2009 the RM of Stanley joined this corp. and it was changed to the current Winkler Stanley Economic Development Corporation, as both municipalities recognized that working together was imperative to help facilitate growth in the region as a whole.

We collaborate to advance opportunities in achieving economic success, embracing shared prosperity, and building a strong community for Winkler/Stanley.

WSEDC works with business, government, and community partners to position Winkler/Stanley as the location of choice for the purpose of attracting business investment, fostering trade, and growing the Winkler/Stanley’s workforce.
We are looking for an enthusiastic and self-motivated Business Development & Immigration Officer.

Who You Are:
– Have extensive knowledge of the region and communities of the City of Winkler and RM of Stanley.
– Able to provide collaborative leadership while making individual contributions to team projects and tasks
– Have a deep understanding of the local community
– Excellent communication skills
– Sound personal judgment, discretion, and credibility
– Good problem-solving skills coupled with solid consensus building and entrepreneurial skills
– A broad general knowledge of local business and government coupled with an ability to handle a variety of projects which must be completed within time deadlines
– Can undertake research projects and prepare comprehensive reports
– Proficient computer skills
– Able to attend meetings outside of regular business hours
– Business Education background or relevant of 5 years of business experience
– Working experience in budgeting, Business Development, marketing, and public relations.
– Experience in working with and reporting to boards an asset.
– Proficient in the use of current information technologies
– Currently living or used to live in either the City of Winkler or RM of Stanley

What You’ll do:​
– Provide leadership through broad community involvement which promotes the economic well-being of the community while understanding that a social and environmentally healthy community is vital to the local economy of the region.
– Coordinate and liaises with government and other agencies to implement immigration and recruitment initiatives
– Manage the Incubator Mall Day to Day Operation
– Liaison as an advisor on business development to public officials, the private sector, and the public at large. The incumbent will serve as an advocate for local business development initiatives
– Work with community partners to develop and implement a relevant business marketing strategy for the region
– Assess and plan for regional community development needs
– Promotes development opportunities and general community attributes to applicable target markets
– Assist the board in budget preparation and in day to day operations
– Maintains an up to date regional community profile report, including economic statistics and indicators, local businesses and services
– Coordinates visits to the municipality and surrounding area for prospective investors
– Liaises with all levels of government as required
– Proactively pursues grant funding opportunities
– Drafts reports and makes presentations as required
– Represents the region at events promoting business opportunities available
– Provides advocacy and support to new business proponents, industry, community services, and community organizations
– Attend all Board Meetings
– Liaises with regional, provincial, federal and professional associations with respect to information sharing and collaboration


Winkler, MB

Job type: Full-time

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