Casual Housekeeping/Laundry Aide


  1. Ability to take direction in housekeeping duties and to carry through in a safe, responsible and efficient manner.
  2. Mature and pleasant disposition.
  3. Flexibility for scheduling an asset.


  1. To ensure the maintenance of a clean facility by:
    • Cleaning resident rooms and hallways on a daily basis including floors, washrooms and furnishings.
    • Performing thorough cleaning of all rooms on a rotating basis.
    • Cleaning staff and visitor’s washrooms on a daily basis.
    • Cleaning, vacuuming, mopping and of dusting offices and various public areas daily.

    • Emptying waste & recycling containers.
    • Re-stocking housekeeping carts and housekeeping rooms at the end of the shift.

  2. To ensure a safe working environment at all times by:
    • Reporting unsafe conditions and taking appropriate action to prevent accident/injury.
    • Following all infection control practices.
    • Ensuring knowledge of and adherence to WHMIS program.
    • Utilizing P.P.E. according to the MSDS and other policies and procedures.

  3. To function as an ethical member of the multidisciplinary team.

  4. To understand and adhere to all standards, policies, procedures of the facility.

  5. To maintain satisfactory working relationships with all co-workers and other departments of the facility.

  6. To perform other related duties as assigned. This may include occasional shifts in Laundry when staff shortages occur.


Niverville, MB

Job type: Casual

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