On behalf of our client, Bioscience Association of Manitoba, we are seeking their next President to join their team located in Winnipeg, Manitoba. Bioscience Association Manitoba (BAM) passionately advocates for the bioscience community in Manitoba. As a non-profit organization, BAM supports 110 members across the province, ranging from agricultural biotechnology to health biotechnology to cleantech biotechnology. They help their members connect, grow, and thrive by offering high caliber events, world-class training sessions, and endless opportunities for business development. The prairie landscape, plentiful resources, and world-class facilities enable bioscience companies to thrive. Their role is to help connect companies, enable businesses to reach beyond their borders, and provide organizations with resources to accomplish their goals. These collaborations start locally and often expand globally.

Reporting to the Board, the President is responsible for the successful leadership and management of the organization according to the strategic direction set by the Board of Directors of the Bioscience Association Manitoba (BAM). This strategic direction includes promoting the sector, building the human resource capacity for the sector, advocating sector interests and advancing the interests of its members. The President is responsible for executing the strategic plan as set by the Board of Directors.

Candidates with the leadership and passion to cultivate a vital bioscience community that drives economic growth will find this an exciting and rewarding opportunity.


Operations and Program Planning and Management:

• Participate with the Board of Directors in developing a vision, mission and strategic plan to ensure the sustainability and growth of the organization
• Develop an Operational Plan covering 2-year periods which incorporates goals and objectives that work towards the strategic direction of the organization, including Organizational Chart, Roles and Responsibilities, Funding Plan, Staffing Plan
• Oversee the efficient and effective day-to-day operation of the organization
• Draft policies for the approval of the Board and prepare procedures to implement the organizational policies; review existing policies on an annual basis and recommend changes to the Board as appropriate
• Oversee the planning, implementation and evaluation of the organization’s programs and services
• Oversee the delivery of training programs under contract to government organizations/funders, members and training clients
• Ensure that the programs and services offered by the organization contribute to the organization’s mission and reflect the priorities of the Board as well as provide value to members, sponsors and funders
• Oversee the planning, implementation, execution and evaluation of special projects including symposiums, conferences and other related events
• Ensure membership in the association grows in number and is of value

Leadership and Support of the Board:

• Report annually to the membership and other stakeholders through an Annual Report
• Foster effective teamwork between the President and the staff, amongst staff members, and the staff and the Board
• Represent the organization at local, national and international activities and events to enhance the organization’s profile
• Provide the necessary leadership to help the organization obtain recognition by the external community for its vision
• Serve as senior officer of the organization and as Director
• Organize and facilitate the contribution of other officers of the organization, whether employees or volunteer board members (e.g. Secretary/Treasurer) in the performance of their responsibilities
• In conjunction with the Board Chair and the Chair of the Governance Committee, ensure that all ad hoc and fixed committees of the board are assembled, have clear understanding of their responsibilities, and are functioning appropriately
• Act as a professional advisor to the Board of Director on all aspects of the organization’s activities
• Identify, assess, and inform the Board of Directors of internal and external issues that affect the organization, the membership and the bioscience sector overall
• Conduct official correspondence on behalf of the Board and organization as appropriate and jointly with the Board when appropriate
• Identify and evaluate the risks to the organization’s people (Board, clients, staff, management, volunteers), property, finances, goodwill, and image and implement measures to control risks
• Provide support to the Board by preparing meeting agenda and supporting materials

Financial and Human Resources Management:

• As part of the Organizational Plan, work with staff and the Board to prepare a 2-year budget for presentation and approval by the Board
• Lead activities and work with the Board to secure adequate funding for the operation of the organization
• Directly and through staff, research funding sources, oversee the development of fundraising plans and write funding proposals to increase the funds of the organization
• Directly and through staff, participate in fundraising activities and revenue generation as appropriate, whether by way of sponsorship, revenues from activities/events, contracts with government agencies/funders, or other means as available
• Approve expenditures within the authority delegated by the Board and ensure that sound bookkeeping and accounting procedures are followed
• Administer the funds of the organization according to the approved budget and monitor the monthly cash flow of the organization
• Provide the Board with comprehensive reports on the revenues and expenditure of the organization on a quarterly basis
• Determine staffing requirements for organizational management and program delivery; recruit, interview and select staff that have the right technical and personal abilities to help further the organization’s mission
• Oversee the implementation of the human resources policies, procedures and practices including the development of job descriptions for all staff
• Establish a positive, healthy and safe work environment in accordance with all appropriate legislation and regulations
• Define and implement a performance management process for all staff which includes monitoring the performance of staff on an on-going basis and conducting an annual performance review
• Coach and mentor staff as appropriate to improve performance and morale
• Discipline staff when necessary using appropriate techniques; release staff when necessary using appropriate and legally defensible procedures

Stakeholder Relations, Advocacy and Government Relations:

• Act as a spokesperson for the organization
• Oversee the development of a yearly bioscience industry survey to inform all stakeholders as to challenges and opportunities in the sector
• Ensure that events and training are planned and advertised well in advance to meet member and stakeholder requirements
• Directly and through staff, communicate with stakeholders to keep them informed of the work of the organization and to identify changes in the community served by the organization
• Establish good working relationships and collaborative arrangements with members, stakeholders, community groups, funders, politicians, non-government associations and other organizations to help achieve the goals of the organization
• Foster, encourage and advance the community’s view of the biosciences sector and its interests
• Participate in stakeholder events as speaker for the organization where the organization value can be highlighted
• Establish good working relationships and collaborative arrangements with federal and provincial government stakeholders and funders
• Represent the membership and stakeholders at provincial, federal and international policy and regulatory forums
• Present policy and regulatory issues to various government agencies and authorities to effect positive change in the regulatory process


• A post-secondary degree in a related field (business administration, commerce, science or agriculture)
• Must possess 5 to 10 years in a senior management level financial position preferably in a bioscience-related industry and/or a non-profit environment
• Entrepreneurial, business acumen, political acumen, progressive and forward thinker who excels in a fast-paced environment
• Must also demonstrate the following skills through past relevant leadership and management experience: strategic-thinking, financial planning, organizational management, problem solving, effective communication verbally and in writing and operational performance measurements and improvement

If you are a passionate leader with strong advocacy experience and are interested in learning more about this exciting opportunity, please forward your resume to or call Nadia Harrison at 431.807.5765.

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