Residential Clinical Case Manager for Portage La Prairie Region

Posted: March 23, 2021
Region: Winnipeg, MB
Company: Turning Leaf Community Support Services
Job Location: , Portage La Prairie , MB
Job Type: # ABOUT US Turning Leaf Support Services is a non-profit, charitable organization dedicated to providing crisis and treatment services to those experiencing intellectual challenge and mental illness. Our services are provided by caring, skilled community members that are dedicated to helping those experiencing intellectual challenge and mental illness. Our employees are deeply committed to working with participants in addressing the seemingly insurmountable obstacles they face every day: addiction, discrimination, homelessness, poverty, stigma, isolation, and loneliness. Turning Leaf Support Services builds trusting relationships with people, helping them engage a process of change and providing a sense of hope. Being a part of the Turning Leaf family means you will have the opportunity to make a direct and positive impact on people’s lives every day. The work is challenging in all the best ways and deeply rewarding. Many of our employees say they have found their life’s purpose while working here. Turning Leaf Support Services provides ongoing, meaningful training to ensure we remain an industry leader, that our employees have the skills and confidence to be successful in their careers, and so our participants receive the best possible support services to help them live the life they imagine for themselves. We are an organization that pledges to uphold a workplace culture of inclusion, diversity, compassion, and respect. We are constantly growing, and we are always hiring. If you feel called to be a part of the Turning Leaf team, please apply today. RESIDENTIAL CLINICAL CASE MANAGER JOB SUMMARY Turning Leaf Support Services’ Residential Support Division is designed to provide 24-hour, in facility, person-centered supports to adults (or individuals transitioning to adulthood) who are living with intellectual challenge, developmental disability and/or mental illness. Reporting to the Director of Residential Services and Senior Clinical Residential Support Case Manager, the Residential Clinical Case Manager is responsible for the operations of all services provided to all Turning Leaf participants within their assigned region (this may include Residential, Home Share, Cluster or Community Support contracts). Specifically, the Clinical Case Manager is responsible for overseeing the treatment/support service, management and operation of the residential facilities, and ensuring that program objectives and individual support plans/contracts are delivered and developed and maintained according to organizational standards. It is not a requirement to live in Portage La Prairie office space available in Winnipeg. Mileage reimbursement for commute to Portage La Prairie when traveling based on the needs of the region can look like 1-3 days per week. ESSENTIAL REQUIREMENTS *Cover letter and updated resume
*18 years of age or older
*Available anytime 35 – 40 hours p/week (Full time)
*Clear Criminal Record Check with Vulnerable Sector Check, Adult Abuse Registry Check and Child Abuse *Registry Check (no older than three months)
*Valid Standard First Aid / CPR Certification
*Drivers License with access to a reliable vehicle
*Completion of a Post-Secondary Education in Human Services (Certificate,
Diploma or Degree) is a requirement *A minimum of three years’ experience in providing service to intellectually challenged adults and those experiencing mental illness preferably in Case Management or Supervisory experience in the human services field is a requirement *Experience in the development of behavioural plans, risk management (organizational and participant related) and the person-centered approach is required
*Knowledge of behaviour modification, supportive communication, and the stages of change *Experience working with individuals struggling with addictions
*Experience working with individuals with FASD, Schizophrenia, ODD, ARND, or ABI
*Dedication to continuous profession/skill development
*Experience effectively navigating through potentially high-risk situations through verbal de-escalation techniques, and the ability to stay calm in potentially high stress situations.
*Three employment references QUALITIES AND QUALIFICATIONS Turning Leaf Residential Clinical Case Manager must possess the capacity to be aware of and control one’s emotions. Moreover, Residential Clinical Case Managers must be able to handle interpersonal relationships judiciously, empathetically, and professionally while executing their responsibilities and providing Turning Leaf’s person-centered supports. In addition, Residential Clinical Case Managers must possess experience with and skills in: *Strong attention to detail, organization, task tracking and follow up
*Knowledge of residential licensing standards and ensuring their compliancy, along with the ability to understand and interpret legislation including federal and provincial (i.e., licensing, fire, VPA, etc.)
*Extensive knowledge of intellectual disabilities, mental health disorders and addictions
*Excellent oral and written communication skills, with ability to write detailed reports
*Ability to handle multiple projects and priorities in a professional and timely manner
*An ability to incorporate the clinical literature pertaining to the population into practical approaches with participants and the ability to analyze and interpret data
*Ability to lead large teams utilizing a servant leadership approach
*Proficient in working cooperatively with multiple departments and other managers
*The ability to create and deliver training, provide ongoing oversight and coaching to a staff team
*Possess the ability to work independently and remain self-motivated SUMMARY OF JOB DUTIES AND RESPONSIBILITIES Operations: *Participate in the interview/selection of support team members (including Team Leads and Supervisors)
*Ensure that homes are operating in compliance with all aspects of Residential Care Licensing
*Oversee the scheduling of the support team ensuring that the schedule adheres to the approved budget for support hours
*Ensure that each home is operating within the program budget
*Participate in the amenability/intake/transition process of new participants to the program
*Meet with the participant and collateral’s/stakeholders prior to the onset of service to gather information about the individual to formulate a support case plan
*Review and Submit all financial processes
*Assist with staff scheduling, as required
*In collaboration with support team, address needs pertaining to participant transition as necessary Leadership: *To serve as a role model to the management team, support team and supported individuals
*Provide training to the Residential Supervisors and Support Team on the implementation of Turning Leaf’s client centered support and individualized behavior plans
*Utilize skills and experience to communicate effectively, additionally to review, expand upon and implement policy and procedures to be utilized by the support team
*Build relationships within the community with the goal of increasing community connection/access for the individuals as well as to increase community awareness
*Facilitate support/treatment planning within the systems team
*Employ a person-centered approach, work with direct support workers to engage with their participants on a regular basis, pas per proposal
*Assist staff with or direct a process of safety plan development Supervision/ Service Delivery: *Aid in coordinating services for individual with the appropriate collaterals
*Ensure the efficient operation of support services and maintain ongoing record/documentation of the operation of the residence and supports delivered for all support contracts
*In conjunction with support team, engage participant in a process of goal setting, planning and acquisition as it pertains to living safely and independently in the community
*Ensure there is structured programming and household routine throughout the day and evening to support the development of skills pertaining to healthy and safe independent living skills
*When necessary, oversee the financial management of participant funds and maintain accurate records of such financial management in collaboration with support workers
*Oversee and maintain an awareness of cumulative health care of the participant (including general practitioner, dentist, ear and eye specialists and psychiatrist appointments)
*Maintain a list of accurate medications per participant Reporting: *Adhere to the reporting expectations of the funding body for each individual within the case load
*Submit formal standardized written incident reports to Residential Care Licensing following an incident with the participant
*Report at-risk participant activities verbally (including via telephone) and in writing to the Senior Residential Case Manager/Director
*To attend all psychiatric medication review appointments, neurological appointments, critical probation appointments, supervision meetings, planning meetings and all other necessary appointments
*Ensure that the support team is aware of how to connect daily and be available to respond to crisis/emergencies as required
*To provide after-hours guidance (emergency on call)
*Maintain up-to-date files on participants (static and dynamic information)
*Maintain semi-annual reports on participants
*Acquire monthly reports and staff logs
*Other duties as assigned RESIDENTIAL CLINICAL CASE MANAGER BENEFITS *Salary paid
*Corporate cell phone
*Health Benefits immediately
*GRRSP Program (optional)
*Three weeks vacation
*Paid Wellness Time
*Bereavement and Compassionate Care Time
*Mileage Reimbursement (when applicable)
*Employee Assistance Program (EAP) Apply To: Turning Leaf Community Support Services Inc
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