VP of Business Development

This position is well suited for an outgoing, high energy creative individual with agricultural sales and marketing experience. It will require independent self directed work, as well as interaction with dealers, customers, teams and individuals.

Key Responsibilities:
1. Design and implement the corporate sales and marketing strategy in alignment with Executive goals and production capacity

  1. Design and implement pricing strategies to effectively meet both volume and profitability targets

  2. Setup and manage CRM integration in alignment with the S&M strategy

  3. Oversee the marketing team, create and approve budgets, content, strategies

  4. Work together with sales team to solve any customer challenges

  5. Design and implement feedback systems to measure customer satisfaction and NPS (Net Promoter Score) and deliver recommendations and solutions to VP Ops and CFO

  6. Manage relationships with our key competitors with the goal of creating ‘good’ competition and value for the sector as a whole.

  7. Participate in product development conversations and highlight industry needs and trends to the executive team for action to ensure we stay aligned with the ever changing market.

  8. Design and implement ‘go to market’ strategies for new products that the Company develops.

  9. Design and implement Dealer feedback loops and annual conference

Remote work:
TBD, would need to be in the office at least a few days each week, depending on the candidate, working from home may be an option

Total comp between $60,000 and $120,000. Made up of base salary and benefits, as well as percentage of proven efficiencies through implemented marketing strategy.

– 5 years of agricultural marketing experience
– 5 years of sales experience
– 2 references


Winkler, MB

Job type: Salary

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