11-year-old entrepreneur is warming feet and helping local charities

Business is booming for an 11-year-old entrepreneur who is both warming feet and helping local charities.

Treyton Walcott, the creator of Super Socks, launched his business in 2020 as an endeavour to raise some much-needed Christmas funds, but also put aside some of his profits to help those less fortunate.

“Every year my family would donate to Siloam Mission and when I started up Super Socks I thought selling socks would be such a good idea to help them out,” said Walcott.

In his first year of business, Walcott sold an impressive 1400 hundred pairs, which translated into a charitable donation of nearly $2000 donated goods. This year, he has upped the ante with a goal of 2000 pairs.

Last year’s orders were made through social media but this year he has a new website.

“It was really overwhelming, so I started up a website just so I could be more organized with the orders,” Walcott said.

The result was sales going to a national level with orders now coming from places as far away as Quebec and B.C.

To keep things local, Walcott now donates to charities based in the location of the sale.

“If you’re ordering from say Toronto, then I would support the local homeless shelter in Toronto,” said Walcott.

The socks themselves come from a wholesaler. There are 47 different styles on offer with themes varying from sports to animals.

The average pair of socks costs $8 with $1.25 per pair sold being donated.

Walcott is alone among his peers in starting a business, but said the ability to smiles on people’s faces on Christmas morning as they find his socks as gifts or stocking stuffers as the reason he carries on.

“Never give up and face your dreams,” he said.

You can order a pair of Super Socks through social media or online

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