‘2020 Stink, Stank, Stunk’: Winnipeg woman channels the Grinch to send off 2020

WINNIPEG — A Winnipeg woman has summed up the past year pretty well with a Grinch-themed send off to 2020.

Linda Lamirande set up some Grinch decorations in front of her Charleswood home along with a sign that says 2020 Stink, Stank, Stunk.

“We’ve always had the Grinch. We’ve had the Grinch for many years up in the front,” said Lamirande. “Then this year with COVID, it just didn’t get better and didn’t better, so I painted the signs. I intended to have a big red COVID ball on the side but I couldn’t even buy one of those at the dollar store.”

She said she has received quite a positive response to the sign as she has seen many people stop and take pictures.

“(People) they will stop by and say ‘I have sent this to my relatives’ or ‘I have taken pictures and sent them to Ottawa.’ It has been fun to make people smile.”

Once the new year arrives, Lamirande said the sign will come down and she hopes some more positivity comes from 2021.

She also hopes people have learned what is really important to them this year and that they slow down in the future and really appreciate what they have when life gets back to normal.

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