3 levels of government put up total of $550M for Phase 2 of North End sewage plant upgrades

The federal, provincial and municipal governments will spend a total of $550 million on the second phase of upgrading the North End Sewage Treatment Plant, officials announced on Tuesday.

Improvements will be made to the biosolids facilities at the plant, also known as the North End Water Pollution Control Centre.

The biosolids facilities store and treat sludge produced from the treatment of wastewater and convert it to biosolids that can be reused as fertilizer and soil.

The upgrades will also increase the plant’s capacity, which will lessen the need to dump wastewater into bodies of water when capacity is exceeded.

Ottawa will spend up to $200.9 million through its green infrastructure fund, pending an approval process.

The provincial government is spending about $167 million, while the city is providing $184 million.

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