A Maze in Snow: Corn maze business hoping to break Guinness World Record

Right now the field at A Maze in Corn in Saint Adolphe, Man. is covered in snow, but the goal is to turn it into the world’s biggest snow maze.“It’s just going to be a square maze for year one so we’re trying to keep it simple because it’s so large,” owner Clint Masse said.WATCH: A Maze in Corn set to entertain families this autumn
Story continues belowThe plan is to shatter a Guinness World Record, one that’s held by the Fort William Historical Park in Thunder Bay.To do that, Masse is planning on creating a maze that’s 4,200 feet long, with walls that are two feet wide and six and a half feet tall.“We crunched some numbers and we’re going for it,” Masse said. “We got it approved by the Guinness World Book people to challenge the record.”“We’ve done a corn maze for so many years and a snow maze just looks like an awesome winter option.”WATCH: Chinese teenager breaks Rubik’s Cube world record by solving with hands and feet

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