‘A relationship with you and the tree’: Bonsai Society holds annual show

Dozens of living works of art were on display at the Norwood Community Centre this weekend as the Winnipeg Bonsai Society held it annual exhibition.

The show takes place every Labour Day weekend when members of the society show off their creations. President Scott Samson says bonsai can be a challenging hobby in Manitoba.

“We’ve really started recently to focus on teaching people how to grow bonsai in Winnipeg’s harsh climate,” said Samson. “You get four months of growing season, we have extremely harsh winters and when you first start out on this bonsai journey, you kill lots of trees.”

While most of the trees on display were relatively young, a few at the show were more than 20 years old. Some trees were native to Manitoba, while others were from as far off as the Caribbean and Asia.

Samson says bonsai is a combination of both horticulture and art.

“If you’re working in paint, or in clay, it’s very easy to have an end product,” he said. “Whereas when you’re working with something like this, it’s a relationship with you and the tree. You take what the tree gives you, and that’s part of the equation.”

More information about the Winnipeg Bonsai society can be found on their website.

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