Arlen Dumas seeking treatment for trauma

Days before he faces a non-confidence vote regarding his role as Grand Chief of the Assembly of Manitoba Chiefs (AMC), Arlen Dumas announced he will be seeking treatment for trauma.

Dumas, who was suspended this summer following a workplace misconduct investigation, said Wednesday he is voluntarily enrolling in treatment “to begin healing not only from the events of the past five months but also a lifetime of trauma.”

“Leadership is about role modelling and having the strength to undertake a journey of self-discovery,” Dumas said in a statement. “These past months have been extremely difficult but they have helped me begin to recognize and acknowledge the impacts of the many traumas I have suffered dating back to my early childhood.”

Dumas’ suspension came following the AMC’s executive council determined that Dumas’ actions amounted to workplace sexual harassment. He has been suspended from his role without pay, and faces a vote of non-confidence on Friday.

Dumas has called the claims, “unfounded.”

Cornell McLean is currently serving as Active Chief of the AMC during the suspension. Eric Redhead was named acting chief when the investigation started, but resigned to run as the NDP candidate in the Thompson byelection, winning the vacant seat.

The AMC said later Wednesday that Dumas’ statement was made with no association to the organization.

They added they will provide information on the vote of non-confidence on Friday. If the vote passes, a byelection will take place.

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