‘Blasting cap’ found in Thompson Recycling Centre

WINNIPEG — A small device known to trigger high-powered explosives was found by an employee sorting recycling in Thompson Friday.

The City of Thompson shared the incident on Facebook, saying recycling collection, including drop-offs and curbside pick-up, would be suspended for the day after an employee found a ‘blasting cap’ among recyclables collected Friday. 

The city noted ‘blasting caps’ are used during mining and construction operations, and said even alone they can pack quite a wallop. 

“The one discovered today could have taken off someone’s hand, and as a friction-triggered device, it posed a real threat to the safety of employees working at the recycling centre,” read the Facebook post.

The Thompson Recycling Centre worked with local emergency services, including the RCMP, to search the remainder of the materials collected Friday to safely identify and remove any other explosives that could have been present. 

“Whether it’s garbage or recycling, explosives like ammunition, caps, or any other explosives have no place in either curbside garbage or recycling, and including them may constitute a criminal offense requiring enforcement by the RCMP,” the post continued. 

The city is reminding anyone who comes across explosive materials to notify the appropriate authorities so they can be properly disposed of, rather than throwing them away yourself. 

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