CBC intern searches for community member lost to residential school

My name is Mario Ballantyne.

I’m from Grand Rapids, Man. During a special internship with CBC Manitoba, I set out to solve a residential school mystery that has haunted my community for almost a century.

I wanted to find out what happened to a boy from Grand Rapids who went missing from Elkhorn Residential School.

For several years no one was really sure what his name was, what he looked like or exactly when he died.

This story is a very personal one, not only to me and my family, but members of this individual’s family. 

I decided — with a camera along to record my efforts — to try to solve the mystery out of love and kindness for all families involved, and to put an end to a story that caused a lot of sorrow and pain.

This is our story.

Solving a mystery from residential school

8 hours ago

Mario Ballantyne records his efforts to find a boy from his community who went missing from residential school almost a century ago. 6:26

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