Cheques coming for Manitoba families and seniors to help deal with inflation: premier

Manitobans will be receiving financial help from the province to deal with inflation and rising costs.

Premier Heather Stefanson announced Wednesday the province will be spending $87 million on a “family affordability package.”

“It is beyond clear that many Manitobans are hurting and having a hard time making ends meet,” Stefanson said. “While Manitoba families are resilient, this economic rough patch has created the perfect storm with unprecedented cost increases hitting us everywhere we turn.”

As part of the package, families with children and a household income of less than $175,000 in 2021 will receive a benefit cheque of $250 for the first child and $200 for each additional child.

The province estimates 145,000 families with approximately 282,000 children will benefit from the cheques.

Seniors with less than $40,000 in family income who claimed an education property tax credit in 2021 will receive a benefit cheque of $300.

Stefanson also announced those receiving Employment and Income Assistance will receive an increase to their rate. General assistance clients without dependent children will receive an extra $50 per adult each month, and all EIA clients will receive an additional $25 per household each month.

Cheques will be mailed out in late September.

The Manitoba announcement comes a week after Saskatchewan announced $500 cheques for all residents 18 and older to deal with inflation.

-With files from The Canadian Press

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