‘Children left here will be eaten’: Frustrated Winnipeg business owner criticized by parents over sign

A St Boniface business is facing criticism after posting a sign on its property that left parents in the neighborhood feeling uncomfortable. Initially, the sign read:

“This is not a drop off zone; Children left here will be eaten”

The sign can be found on a fence that separates Parenty Reitmeier Translation Services from Marion School.

The owner of the business tells CTV News he posted the sign to deter parents from using his private lot as a drop-off zone. He says he has been asking parents for years, because there have been many near accidents. He says he posted the sign as an attempt to make a humorous gesture to discourage parents from continuing to drop their kids off on his private property.

As of Wednesday, the word children on the sign had been covered with black tape. A move parents are saying is not enough.

Louis Riel School Division’s acting superintendent; Christian Michalik says he feels the business owner sent the wrong message.

“In an ideal world, this sign would not be up,” he said.

He says the division is open to help resolve the matter with the business owner.

“I don’t think the sign is the solution. We really want to engage with the owner on finding solutions.”

The school division and the business owner will meet Friday to find a solution for the drop-off zone.

The business owner tells CTV he has since ordered a new sign to be a good neighbour.

With files from CTV’s Jason Giadola

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