City councillor floats ‘Winnipeg solution’ to help small businesses

WINNIPEG — A Winnipeg city councillor wants to use hotel tax revenue to help businesses forced to close under code red restrictions.

Councillor Kevin Klein, seconded by Councillor Shawn Nason, drew up a motion to grant small and medium-sized businesses $750.

The money would come from the Destination Marketing Reserve, which contains revenue from the city’s five per cent hotel tax.

The fund is used to promote tourism and other events.

Klein said he’s reached out to the Hotel Association and other business groups about his plan.

“A lot of those hotels do own businesses, restaurants and such that would be impacted,” Klein said. “That is the reason I reached out to them as well is say ‘look, we need a Winnipeg solution here’.”

Klein said he sent the motion to city council, as well as a number of businesses and chambers of commerce.

“I’m open to ideas and conversations. We need a Winnipeg solution,” Klein said.

He said he plans to table the motion at next week’s Council meeting.

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