Cupid arrives in Osborne Village

WINNIPEG — A little bit of positivity is popping up in Osborne Village in the form of a Valentine’s Day matchmaker, a new ice sculpture of Cupid.

It’s part of a new campaign by the Osborne Village Biz, which will see new installations going up once a month in the area, with a goal of putting smiles on people’s faces when life’s a little stressful in the pandemic.

“We just wanted to create some positivity in our lives and say, ‘you know what? COVID (we) may be dealing with it now, but once it breaks, we’re going to be ready for it and we’re going to have a big positive break out,'” said Brian Timmerman, executive director of Osborne Village Biz.

The installations will come in all shapes and sizes, with some being commissioned and others created through community participation.

“Next month, we’re going to be doing rainbows. So we want people to come down, bring their inner artistic feeling. We want to festoon the neighbourhood with rainbows cause things like that make people smile,” said Timmerman.

People are asked to plant a rainbow somewhere in the village between March 12-21 and then post to social media using the hashtag #betherainbow to win a prize.

As for pop-up locations, the Biz said keep your eyes open. Some will be visible as you drive through the village, and others will require putting your feet on the ground. It said the locations wouldn’t be revealed before popping up on social media.

“We want to make sure that hey, it’s not as bad as people are thinking, come out and have a smile,” said Timmerman.

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