Dauphin working to get power restored after spring storm

A spring storm that battered western Manitoba left thousands of people in Dauphin without power this weekend. The city is working to recover from the storm which left streets covered ice and trees snapped.

As of Monday evening, the power was still not on for everyone in Dauphin. Joan Elliot, who lives in the city, said she has been without power for two days.

“We had ice fall off our line and the pole around our apartment building and it took the power out,” she said.

Dauphin Mayor Christian Laughland estimates that 75 per cent of the city lost power this weekend.

“Things are getting better as the hours go on. Initially it was pretty tough. On Saturday a lot of people were without power,” he said.

Ice built up on Manitoba Hydro lines and snapped poles in the Parkland region. The repairs are now keeping Manitoba Hydro workers busy.

A local church, Parkland Crossing, opened its doors Sunday and Monday to help.

“We ended up seeing 11 people come in last night to charge their phones and use the Wi-Fi and make supper,” said Jamie Harvey, the director at the church.

Elliot and her family have been using the space to keep warm.

“It’s pretty cold. No hot water. So we’ve come over here to cook our meals, to make coffee,” she said.

South of Dauphin in Onanole, Brandice Hastings, the owner of Home Hardware, said they are donating water to Hydro crews working in the area. She said after the dumping of 82 cm of snow earlier in the month, she sold out of generators, shovels and snow blowers.

“We’ve sold out which is not something that we prepared for in April,” Hastings said.

Manitoba Hydro said it is expecting power to be restored for everyone by Wednesday or Thursday.

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