Deep freeze descends on western, southern Manitoba with extreme cold warnings

Extreme cold warnings have enveloped much of southern Manitoba with the arrival of a bitterly cold arctic air mass that has already shuddered through Alberta and Saskatchewan.

Wind chills of –40 to almost –50 in some places will persist through most of the day Wednesday and through the night, Environment Canada says.

The warnings are in place as far north as Red Deer Lake (north of Swan River, near the Saskatchewan border) and all the way south to the international border. They also include the Interlake Region and all of southern Manitoba before stopping short of the Whiteshell area in the east.

However, people in that part of the province should expect to feel the chill before long. Environment Canada says the extreme cold will continue to expand into other parts of Manitoba.

The daytime high in Winnipeg for Wednesday is forecasted to be –26 C with a wind chill of –42. The temperature will continue a downward slide into Thursday with –31 C in the afternoon and a wind chill of –44, according to Environment Canada.

Frostbite can develop within minutes on exposed skin in temperatures like that, Environment Canada warns.

The normal daytime high for this time of year is –13 C but Winnipeg won’t see that for some time. Even when things ease up a bit by early next week, the highs are still expected to be around –18 C or –19 C.

If you need to go outside during the bitter cold, dress warmly by wearing layers that you can remove if you get too warm, Environment Canada says, adding the outer layer should be wind resistant.

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