Extreme cold weather passing through southern Manitoba


Following the winter snow storm earlier this week, Manitoba is now dealing with extreme cold weather.

According to Environment and Climate Change Canada (ECCC), an artic air mass is bringing extremely cold winds to Winnipeg and parts of southern Manitoba.

Natalie Hasell from ECCC said the cold temperatures and chilly winds will continue through the week, and spread into other parts of the province.

“The forecast does suggest that these very cold conditions are going to stay with us until the new year. So we’ve got several days of these cold conditions,” said Hasell.

People experiencing homelessness can be particularly vulnerable during extreme weather, and Siloam Mission is in communication with all shelters in the city to make sure everyone has a place to keep warm.

“We have a database for the overnight shelter specifically,” said Luke Thiesen, Communications Manager for Siloam Mission. “So if we’re doing intake and we’re going to be full, we can see where else there might be room (like) Salvation Army, Main Street Project.”

Thiessen said if you want to help those less fortunate stay warm this winter they’re always in need of warm clothing items like jackets, mitts, boots, sweatpants, sweaters, and long underwear.

The extreme cold has taken a toll on vehicles in the city and throughout southern Manitoba as well.

CAA Manitoba President, Tim Scott said since the cold snap hit, their call volume has been about three or four times higher than normal.

“The rural areas are mostly tows, people getting towed to garages, and in the City of Winnipeg it’s primarily boosts, dead batteries, frozen batteries.”

Scott suggests keeping an emergency roadside kit in your car in case you find yourself stranded in the cold.

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