‘Feed his soul, his senses, and his tummy’: ailing Manitoba pooch living out bucket list

A local dog is living out his dreams thanks to his owner’s creation of a ‘bucket list’ due to the pooch’s ailing health.

Trevor, an 11-year-old husky, has been dealing with a growing, cancerous lump on his leg, and owner Aimee Fortier says she wants to make the most of the time he has left.

“When he was a puppy, he was diagnosed with floating kneecaps and a heart murmur, and then he had four surgeries. Since then he’s blown out both of his ACLs, so he’s jokingly referred to as our $80,000 dog,” Fortier said.

“Over the last few years, we’ve known that there are cancer cells, and in January is when the lump on his leg made its first appearance… and since then it’s been growing fairly quickly.”

Fortier said the only surgical option is amputation, but due to Trevor’s advanced — for a dog — age and other health issues, it’s likely not a viable option.

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Trevor the dog. Submitted / Aimee Fortier

Hence, the bucket list — a to-do document featuring some of a dog’s dream scenarios, including letting him “steal” a piece of meat, in this case a steak, frolicking in the snow, and taking a ride in a Jeep with no roof.

“In essence, it was about saying we don’t know how much time we have with him …so what are the things he loves? Let’s make sure to do as much of those things as possible.”

When Fortier and Trevor visited Global News to talk about the project, another item was crossed off Trevor’s list: appearing on live TV.

Because it’s unclear how much time and mobility Trevor has left, finishing some items on the list has required a bit of creativity. With no snow to be found in the summer, Fortier said they had to make do with snow outside of hockey arenas that had been cleared out by a zamboni, in case Trevor doesn’t hold on until winter.

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Trevor the dog. Submitted / Aimee Fortier

Fortier said the idea for the list came from a ’50 before 50′ list she made for herself.

“It was the same sort of idea… what are something things that I know doing will create some kind of joy?

“(We found) a handful of things that will feed his soul and feed his senses and feed his tummy.”

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