Former Transcona councillor looking to reclaim seat from incumbent in tight race

A heated race is unfolding in Transcona as two veteran candidates battle two new faces to claim the ward’s city council seat.

Incumbent Shawn Nason said he’s proud of what he’s done at city hall over the last four years.

“We’ve managed to get a lot of things done. Many parks like the one here today at Waterside Estates Southland Park. We’ve got some upgrades done. We’ve got a couple of other parks in Transcona that are currently underway,” listed Nason.

Nason said he’ll continue to bring his ‘honest’ politics back to city hall if re-elected – and continue to advocate for infrastructure needed in the community.

“It’s been a challenge, but we’ve got a lot done and more to do. We’re working hard on the East of the Red complex. We’d like to get the Edward Schreyer Parkway connected to Plessis,” said Nason.

Looking to take his old job back, Russ Wyatt is also running in the Transcona ward.

Wyatt was the area’s councillor for 16 years before leaving in 2018 for personal issues he says he’s overcome.

“We’ve lost our momentum,” said Wyatt, “We have not had the same momentum.”

Wyatt says if elected, he’ll fight to get the ward the funding it deserves and push major projects like the East of the Red RecPlex forward.

“We’re generating a ton of new revenue for the city in terms of new growth, new rolls on the taxes, tax rolls being added to the city. Nothing is coming back in terms of the taxes we’re paying,” said Wyatt.

Chris Adams, an adjunct professor of political studies at the University of Manitoba, said Transcona is an interesting ward to watch.

“There’s some real dog fights going on, one of which is Transcona,” said Adams. “So when you go into the voting booth, you’ll see two names that are familiar and not just one.”

He said the two returning candidates will have an advantage in their campaign compared to the two others who haven’t already served in the position.

“I mean, it will help with the campaign. It will help with identifying which houses, which households would be supportive of his campaign due to his prior time,” Adams explained.

Believing new faces are needed in city hall, marketing expert and long-time Transcona resident Steve Lipischak is also looking to take the seat.

“I think it’s time we have a change, not just a change in personnel, but the city needs a change in culture and how things are done in and dealt with in city hall,” said Lipischak.

Candidate Wally Welechenko, a local business owner, is also running in the ward.

Winnipeg’s election is on Oct. 26.

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