Grey Cup brings boost to Winnipeg businesses

Fans flocked to Winnipeg bars and restaurants on Sunday to watch the Grey Cup, and though the Blue Bombers didn’t get the cup, it was still a win for local businesses.

Portage and Main was quiet on Sunday night with no fans clad in blue and gold to celebrate in the intersection.

It was a stark contrast to how fans were feeling earlier in the day — before the Toronto Argonauts beat the Blue Bombers in the Grey Cup.

The enthusiasm was clear earlier in the day, as bars like Underdogs were packed with fans before kick off, bringing a welcome boost in business.

“It is really nice. I don’t usually work Sundays because they’re slow so like having people come here for the game is exciting,” said Jane Fehr, who works at Underdogs.

“Everyone gets to watch and it’s a perfect community.”

From giveaways to special guests, the bar tried to help fans who couldn’t make it out to Regina, have the best time possible.

“Let’s say we score a touchdown, our bartenders slam their hands on a tin pole and make a lot of noise. There’s a lot cheering. There’s a lot of happiness throughout the whole restaurant,” Fehr said.

The bar provided an atmosphere fans in attendance felt couldn’t be replicated at home.

“At home you have to cook and someone has to host. Here, it’s all taken care of and there’s lots of Bombers fans,” said one fan watching the game at the bar.

The only thing out of the fans’ control — a Bombers win.

The Argos beat the Bombers 24-23 at the 109th Grey Cup in Regina.

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