Happy Halloween

Happy Halloween from the Goldeyes

While we stay in this Halloween, we thought it’d be fun to compile some movie and TV recommendations from Goldeyes staff and players on the 2020 team.

Find these classics on your favourite streaming services, like Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, Disney+, and more.

Be warned, ghosts and ghouls. Some of these picks may be too intense for all family members. So we’ve asked for some family-friendly picks too.

Sweet dreams…

Staff pick: Melissa, Paul

“Beetlejuice, Beetlejuice, …”

Staff pick: Paul

“Any of their Halloween Heist episodes. Bing-pot!”

Staff pick: Will

Family-friendly pick

Staff pick: Andrew

“Friday the 13th was the first scary movie I saw in the theatre. That was an experience!”

Staff pick: Will, Bill

“Who you gonna call?”

#33 – Kyle Martin | 1B

“I’m a big fan of the Michael Myers Halloween movies. They’re just old classics.”

#25 – Logan Hill | OF

Family-friendly pick

Staff pick: Melissa

Staff pick: Melissa

Family-friendly pick

#34 – John Gorman | RHP

“I really enjoy the Scary Movie series that mocks many scary movies.”

Staff pick: Bill

“Don’t go into room 237.”

Staff pick: Angela

“It could be family-oriented if you have older kids.”

Staff pick: Paul

“Mocumentary about vampires in New Zealand? Yes, please. The TV version is also good.”

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