How has inflation affected your life in Manitoba? Take our survey

Drought, flooding, the pandemic, trucker shortages, the war in Ukraine — they’ve all taken their toll on the Canadian economy, and as a result, people living in Manitoba.

Some specialty grocery stores in Winnipeg have struggled with rising prices because of increased shipping costs, while one hospital reported it was short on critical supplies health-care workers need to feed premature babies.

CBC Manitoba wants to hear how the steadily rising prices at the grocery store, gas pump and other places has affected your life, whether you’re budgeting for your household, a business owner or working with vulnerable communities.

Is there an issue you want us to dig into? Are you concerned about how the inflation rates will affect your family, business or loved ones? What questions do you want answered?

Take our survey below. Your insight will help us cover the burden of high inflation rates across the province.

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