How Oak Hammock Marsh is celebrating Halloween

It was a spooky, fun time for families at Oak Hammock Marsh this weekend, as the wetland discovery centre celebrated Halloween with a scavenger hunt and pumpkin carving.

The event was a hit with its target audience, as kids enjoyed the Halloween-themed activities.

“We were finding bats and trying to figure out what the word was,” said Logan, 7.

“We were doing a scavenger hunt,” said Freyja, 5.

The GPS-based scavenger hunt took participants all over the marsh said Jacques Bourgeois, Director of Marketing and Communications.

“We give people a GPS, they walk around the trails looking for little bats with letters on them, and then they collect all the letters to find a magic word,” he said.

Kids received a bag of treats after completing the hunt.

The event also included a pumpkin carving workshop. Bourgeois said their pre-orders sold out very quickly, “It’s super popular, so we had to make sure we had enough pumpkins for everybody that came in,” he said.

Bourgeois said the event comes as the migration ends and the marsh prepares for winter.

“We saw our first Snowy Owl, so that’s a sign that winter is coming I guess,” he said. “Usually November/December are quieter, but we are open year round.”

More information about events at Oak Hammock Marsh can be found on the organization’s website.

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