How Winnipeggers can help improve traffic in the Lord Roberts area

WINNIPEG — The City of Winnipeg is seeking public feedback to help improve traffic issues in the Lord Roberts neighbourhood.

Through the Lord Roberts Community Traffic Study, the city is looking to identify traffic concerns, validate these concerns with data, and implement solutions to improve transportation in the neighbourhood.

During the second phase of this study, which was launched in late 2018, the city identified community issues and then selected four priority areas for the study, which include school-area safety, pedestrian and cycling infrastructure, on-street parking, and other safety solutions. The city also created a public advisory committee in earlier phases of the study.

Now, city staff have devised several ideas to improve transportation, but they are looking to residents to provide feedback on these proposed changes.

“We heard from residents before we initiated the study about lots of different traffic concerns in the neighbourhood,” said Rebecca Peterniak, a community traffic engineer for the City of Winnipeg.

“So we wanted to do an in-depth study working with residents to really drill down what the key issues are, come up with recommended solutions and implement them.”

The city has already implemented a few solutions in the area, including adding short sections of sidewalk and giving more time to pedestrians crossing at certain intersections during school hours.

Winnipeggers can provide feedback through a survey or virtual event scheduled for Dec. 1. 

The city will continue to collect public feedback until Dec. 13.

– With files from CTV’s Scott Andersson.

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