Huge backlog of semi-trailers going from Manitoba to U.S. caused by highway closure day before

Close to 400 semi-trailers were stopped on the Manitoba side of the border going into the U.S. on Monday afternoon after the highway was closed due to blizzard conditions over the weekend.

The highway reopened on Monday morning, but the trucks were in line from the night before, said Jason Givens, a spokesperson from U.S. Customs and Border Protection.

“Typically, Mondays are our busiest day for commercial traffic, so that compounded the problem,” he said in an emailed statement.

Iain Seogg was going the opposite direction and saw the lineup firsthand. He wants people heading that way to be aware of the problem.

“With more trucks arriving one after another as I kept driving north towards Winnipeg, passing more 18-wheel trucks all heading to that one big traffic jam,” he said.

He estimates the wait times for commercial traffic will be long.

“I’m sure the wait time to get through the border is four hours, maybe,” Seogg said.

“I just feel bad for the truck drivers joining the lineup … they’re heading down to this massive wait at the border.”

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