‘I want Winnipeggers to know what’s going on’: Rally raises awareness of violence in Afghanistan

WINNIPEG — Some members of Winnipeg’s Afghan community are raising awareness of the violence Afghans are facing in the Taliban-controlled country.

On Saturday afternoon, a group rallied outside the Manitoba Legislature. Bashir Faqiri, the organizer of the Save Afghanistan Rally, said he has family still living in Afghanistan, and has heard about what has been happening.

“I’m able to raise awareness, I’m able to do what I can to help those in need,” he said. “I want Winnipeggers to know what’s going on.”

He said he came to Canada with his parents in 2001.

“I was one year old when we came to this country. The reason for our escape was exactly what’s happening today,” he said. “The Taliban were taking over. My parents wanted to give me a better life. So that’s exactly what they did.”

Faqiri said he wants to inform Winnipeggers on the dangers Afghans are facing because of the Taliban. He said he hopes Winnipeggers will then put pressure on the provincial and federal governments, and evacuate as many refugees out of Afghanistan as possible.

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