‘Incredibly frustrating’: Sexual assault survivor on Hockey Canada hearings

Reaction is pouring in after Hockey Canada executives were in the hot seat Wednesday as questioning continued at the House of Commons surrounding two allegations of sexual assault involving players from World Junior hockey teams.

Greg Gilhooly is a lawyer, author of the book ‘I Am Nobody’ and a survivor of sexual assault at the hands of a hockey coach. He said watching these hearings has been “incredibly frustrating.”

“Hockey Canada has literally had decades to make improvements and take the proper steps. I guess what it is incredibly frustrating today is seeing the same people who have been there saying that now they are the beacon of hope, who will lead productive change,” said Gilhooly.

He said now is the time for the leaders of Hockey Canada to step aside and let others take over the organization.

It was revealed Wednesday that Hockey Canada has paid out $7.6 million in nine settlements concerning sexual assault and sexual abuse claims since 1989. Of that, $6.8 million was related to serial abuser Graham James.

Readers can watch the full interview with Gilhooly by clicking on the video above.

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