Incumbent candidate facing legitimate competition in Daniel McIntyre ward

Seeking a third term in office, Cindy Gilroy is running for re-election in Winnipeg’s Daniel McIntyre ward.

“I know what my message is, I know what I’ve contributed in the last four years, and I want to continue that legacy and that work that I’ve done,” Gilroy told CTV News.

The incumbent in the ward says some of that work includes poverty reduction, housing and recreation.

Gilroy has been a member of Mayor Brian Bowman’s inner circle known as Executive Policy Committee. She’s publicly endorsing Glen Murray for mayor, but says there’s been no talk about a role on EPC if both she and the mayoral front runner win.

“Those discussions hasn’t really happened yet, I’m really concentrating on my race right now,” said Gilroy.

U of M adjunct political professor Christopher Adams says Gilroy is likely the favourite in Daniel McIntyre.

“Gilroy has an advantage as being a two-term incumbent, well known, hasn’t made any major mistakes while in city council,” said Adams.

But Adams says Gilroy does have legitimate competition.

Sal Infantino is the long-time owner of X-Cues Cafe & Lounge on Sargent Avenue, formally known as Enzos.

“It’s a ward of some people who are very low income, but also it’s an urban ward,” said Adams. “It’s a very colourful ward with lots of restaurants and things like that, so I would say running Enzos gives a boost up.”

Also in the contest, community organizer and activist Omar Kinnarath who also has some name recognition. He was born in a refugee camp in Thailand.

Kinnarath was the spokesperson for the group rallying against the trucker convoy in front of the Manitoba Legislature.

“I feel that we need a different voice in the ward, a voice that’s more reflective of the community which is an engaged, diverse, and passionate community,” said Kinnarath.

Kinnarath has apologized for old social media posts from a decade ago which were sexist and anti-semitic. He says he’s taken action since.

“I’ve done the work in anti-racist organizing,” said Kinnarath. “I’ve helped other folks who’ve been involved in far-right groups leave, so we always need to lead with compassion.”

Gilroy has proven incumbents can be beat. In 2014, she defeated former councillor Harvey Smith.

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