‘It gives them comfort’: Winnipeg Humane Society calls for cat blanket donations

The Winnipeg Humane Society (WHS) is putting out a call for knitted blanket donations to help provide an easier transition for adopted cats.

So-called “security blankets” go home with cats when they are adopted so that they have a familiar smell when moving into a new place.

“It gives them comfort,” said Kristina Graham, Adoptions Manager. “It has their smell on it, so then when we put them in the carrier to go home, they are able to take something that they are familiar with to their new home.”

The blankets are typically a square, 24″ x 24″, knitted or crocheted out of a soft yarn. But Graham said they will take anything they can get.

“We will take knitted blankets, crocheted blankets, sewn blankets, felt blankets, really we are open to any blankets that people want to donate,” she said.

The call for donations was made late last week via social media after blanket supplies ran low at the shelter.

“One of my staff pointed out that we only had about two dozen left, so we knew we needed more because we do more than 24 adoptions in a week,” said Graham.

She added that they also need volunteers to help make blankets out of donated yarn. 

Donations can be dropped off at 45 Hurst Way. Graham said every little bit counts, as it has been a busy year.

“Cat adoptions are actually up, but unfortunately our intake/surrender requests are also up,” said Graham. “So it’s like we can’t keep up. Every time we adopt out three, five more need their spots.”

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