‘I’ve worked as hard as I can’: Bowman reflects on legacy as mayor after final council meeting

Brian Bowman has had his final city council meeting as Winnipeg’s mayor before the upcoming municipal election which will choose his replacement.

The mayor reminisced afterwards about his legacy in Winnipeg and what he hopes the public got out of his two terms.

“I want Winnipeggers to know that I’ve worked as hard as I can,” said Bowman. “I’ve tried to restore integrity to the office of the mayor and I’ve just done my best on their behalf. Not everyone is going to agree with every decision council or I make … but I hope Winnipeggers feel that I’ve had their backs and I’ve done my best in the role while I’ve been given the opportunity to lead in this role.”

Bowman says he is not planning on endorsing any of the mayoral candidates, but notes there is one issue that will affect his vote. “I won’t be voting for anyone unless they’ve made a clear commitment to see the legal actions on the police headquarters through,” he said. “That is a non-starter unless I’ve heard a clear public campaign commitment from mayoral candidates that they will see the legal action through.”

Bowman declined to mention what he’s planning to do next – saying, “it’s a topic for another day.”

But he is grateful for his past eight years as Winnipeg’s mayor. “I continue to recommend to people ‘put your name on a ballot,'” said Bowman. “You can affect positive change in elected office.”

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