Man gets wedged in tunnel trying to escape Manitoba RCMP

A man trying to evade police found himself in a tight spot on the weekend after getting stuck inside a drainage tunnel underneath a home.

Officers were called just after 8:30 a.m. Sunday to a house in Portage la Prairie after a man broke into the home on Westco Drive and threatened people inside, RCMP said.

The man, whose description matched that of an assault suspect who had bolted from police earlier that day, left the house before police arrived.

The homeowners pointed police in the direction the man had last been seen running through a field. RCMP tracked him to a home on Baker Street, about two kilometres away.

That’s where they discovered he had entered a sump pit drainage tunnel under the house in an attempt to get away again.

Officers located an outside access point to the tunnel and found the man’s legs sticking out of the end.

He had backed in, feet first, from inside the house and became stuck at the place where he had planned to escape, police said.

In order to buy himself more time, the man told police he had a weapon, RCMP said. The emergency response team was called and eventually determined the man was not armed.

Police then helped extricate the man from the tunnel and took him into custody.

A 25-year-old man faces charges of breaking and entering, uttering threats and resisting arrest. He also faces an assault charge for the earlier incident.

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