Manitoba adds cosmetics to the list of essential items

WINNIPEG — Cosmetics, including makeup, can now be sold in stores as essential items under Manitoba’s public health orders.

Dr. Jazz Atwal, Manitoba’s acting deputy public health officer, confirmed the change on Tuesday during a daily COVID-19 update.

“The list is being monitored on a regular basis,” Atwal said. “When we initially didn’t have cosmetics on the list, some facilities or some retailers were providing it as an essential item, simply because a lot of cosmetics also have some sort of medical ingredients in it.”

“We want to make sure that it was a level playing field for everyone, and so we did add it to the list, so people are aware that it is part of the list.”

Stores in Manitoba are currently prohibited under public health orders from selling items considered non-essential, such as perfume, toys, or books. The province previously amended the list in November to include gift cards and newspapers as essential items.

The current restrictions are in place until January 8, unless the province chooses to extend them.

A full list of essential and non-essential items can be found on the province’s website.

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