Manitoba cracks down on visitors to homes, items sold in stores

New COVID-19 public health orders will forbid people from having anyone inside their home who doesn’t live there, with few exceptions, and prohibit businesses from selling non-essential items in stores.

Exceptions to the no visitors rule include parents who do not live with their child, people providing child care and other services deemed essential, such as education, construction or repairs, and deliveries. Exceptions will also be made for people who live alone, who will be allowed to have one other person over. 

Businesses that sell non-essential items will be required to remove them from the shelves or rope off those areas to prevent customers shopping for them.

The new orders also further restrict capacity at large retailers to either 25 per cent of normal capacity or a maximum of 250 people, whichever is lower.

The orders come into effect on Friday, except for the rule requiring businesses to prevent access to non-essential items, which comes into effect on Saturday.

The new restrictions on gatherings only apply to private residences. Existing public health orders limiting public gatherings to five people remain in effect.

Businesses must provide proof that the capacity limits have not been exceeded, if an enforcement official requests it, the province said.

These new orders come as the per capita daily COVID-19 case numbers in Manitoba remain the highest in Canada, despite the government moving the entire province to critical, or red, the highest level on the pandemic response system.

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