Manitoba dog rescue freezes intake as it struggles to find foster homes

WINNIPEG — A Manitoba dog rescue says it has been overwhelmed with the number of puppies needing to find foster homes, forcing it to shut its intake doors for the time being.

In a Facebook post Tuesday evening, Manitoba Underdogs Rescue said it has been ‘completely overwhelmed’ by the number of dogs needing to come into care and has been struggling for months to find foster homes for all of them.

Volunteer Lindsay Gillanders told CTV News because of this, Manitoba Underdogs Rescue has had to temporarily freeze its intake.

“We just have a very high number of dogs in our care right now,” Gillanders said, adding the rescue is entirely foster home-based.

“So unfortunately, when the foster homes are full and we can’t find people to take the dogs, we’re forced to put a temporary hold on things.”

Gillanders said the rescue as more than 30 puppies in its care, along with some older dogs with medical concerns.

“I think our team is just sort of at their max capacity,” she said.

She said the rescue has had a few dogs returned from people who adopted during the pandemic.

Gillanders said the rescue hasn’t been able to run a spay and neuter clinic in remote communities in about two years, which is also causing in increase in the number of dogs in care.

“One dog can have two to three litters a year depending on the timing, and so that’s a lot of dogs in a very short amount of time,” she said. “That is where we’re seeing that the influx of puppies particularly.”

The rescue said it is planning its first spay and neuter clinic in a few weeks, but is concerned about the new dogs they may find that will need a home.

Gillanders said there are a few ways people can get involved.

“The two ways that really limit us in terms of our capacity are foster homes, and monetary donation,” she said.

Gillanders said people can sign up for short-term or long-term fostering, or donate money to help feed, spay and neuter.

More information can be found on the Manitoba Underdogs Rescue website

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