Manitoba First Nation Chief gets emergency call to help woman giving birth in a bathroom

WINNIPEG — Chief David Monias of the Pimicikamak Cree Nation received an unexpected phone call Monday morning that required his immediate help.

Monias told CTV News he usually gets phone calls asking for help regarding homelessness or journeys to the spirit world, but this was different.

“I thought maybe somebody was in big trouble. All I could hear was baby, pregnancy, washroom, she was holding her,” said Monias.

He said he was called regarding a woman giving birth in a bathroom.

“So I called the ambulance, two of them. I called the nursing station and, in the meantime, I rushed to the house.”

He said he wasn’t involved in any of the hands-on assistance with the delivery of the baby, as the grandmother was able to bring the baby into the world.

“It was very exciting and scary,” he said.

Monias said this was the first time he ever received a call regarding an unplanned birth and called it the best call he could receive and that it made his day.

“When you hear that baby cry, it is very emotional. What a relief.”

The baby was born at 10:21 a.m. and Monias said the mother and the newly born baby girl and are doing well and that baby is healthy.

The baby is currently at the nursing station and Monias said she weighs four pounds-six ounces.

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