Manitoba government issues warning after person caught impersonating Workplace Safety and Health officer

The Manitoba government is warning all employers and workers that it has recently caught someone impersonating a Workplace Safety and Health (WSH) officer.

A spokesperson for the province said WSH was made aware that someone impersonating an officer was at a construction site.

“The individuals on site suspected the impersonation based on the person’s behaviour and apparel. The person then posted videos on social media. No personal information was released or compromised,” the spokesperson said.

Manitoba Justice got involved with the situation and told the person to stop impersonating the WSH officer. The videos were also removed.

The government is reminding everyone that all WSH officers carry identification that they are required to present when conducting inspections.

If employers or workers are wanting to verify an officer’s ID, they can call 204-957-7233 or 1-855-957-7233.

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