Manitoba harvest sitting three weeks behind average: crop report

Manitoba’s harvest sits at only 40 per cent complete overall, about three weeks behind schedule according to this week’s provincial crop report.

“We have had some rough conditions over the past few days, past week really,” said Dane Froese with Manitoba Agriculture. “Frequent rains, drizzle, high humidity, which has really slowed our harvest progress.”

Froese is the province’s crop report editor. This week’s report shows the winter cereal harvest is complete, the harvest for spring wheat, barley, and field peas is more than halfway done, and the harvest for oats and canola is behind schedule.

“We have fewer good harvesting hours and good harvesting days as we get to the back half of September,” said Froese.

Froese says weather is always a factor.

“We’ve had abundant moisture in fact, almost record moisture in some cases. And that really has meant that crops look different than what we normally see this time of year,” he said.

Froese adds Manitoba has had good growing conditions and good heat throughout July and August.

“Despite it being a bit of a challenge, bit of a delayed start and a delayed harvest, were seeing relatively good yields and good crop quality coming off,” said Froese.

Wheat yield averages are being reported at 60 to 70 bundles per acre across the province. Froese says some farmers were hoping for better yields.

“Some farmers were saying it was a little disappointing. They were hoping for above average (yields). The crops looked really strong and the height was quite tall, but at the end of the day the bushels weren’t quite there,” said Froese.

The Manitoba crop report is published weekly on the province’s website

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