Manitoba school division asks remote learning students to stay put until Spring Break

WINNIPEG — A school division in Winnipeg is asking students who are currently in remote learning to stay put until at least spring break.

About 2,600 students in the River East Transcona School Division are being asked not to return to the classroom for the next several months, according to a letter sent to parents on Thursday from the division.

“This is an incredible number of students who we normally would have in our buildings who are at home learning during this challenging time,” the letter reads.

The letter said the purpose of the temporary remote learning in the division is to allow students in Kindergarten to Grade Eight the opportunity to stay home during the pandemic and free up more space within classrooms to physically distance.

The letter said parents who want to opt-out of remote learning and return their children to in-class learning are asked to contact their schools right away, otherwise, they are asked to stay in the remote learning program.

It is advising parents that are considering moving their children to remote learning that schools will likely be operating at a restricted level for the foreseeable future.

“Please consider your ability to support TRL until at least Spring Break,” the letter reads.

Parents looking to make a change are asked to contact their schools by Nov. 23 so planning can occur.

CTV News has reached out to the River East Transcona School Division for comment.

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