Manitoba to advance Winnipeg’s funding ask for North End sewage plant upgrades, transit plan to feds

Manitoba will forward the City of Winnipeg’s applications for federal funding for the second phase of its North End Water Pollution Control Centre and its master plan to overhaul Winnipeg Transit to Ottawa, officials said at a news conference.

The next phase of proposed sewage treatment plant upgrades involves the construction of a $552-million facility to process biosolids, a sludgy byproduct of the initial treatment of solid human waste.

The transit master plan involves a series of capital projects estimated to cost $538.9 million.

Those projects are a bus radio and intelligent transportation systems project, the replacement of the North End garage, a transition to zero-emission buses, the preliminary design of rapid transit downtown corridors, primary transit network infrastructure and wheelchair securement retrofitting.

The funding the city is applying for comes from the federal government’s Investing in Canada Infrastructure Program. Because federal funding can’t flow directly to a municipality, the province needed to agree to advance Winnipeg’s application for cash to Ottawa.

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