Manitoba woman dies from COVID-19 while receiving treatment in Ontario

WINNIPEG — Manitoba has reported another death of a patient who had to be transferred outside of the province for intensive care.

Shared Health confirmed on Tuesday that the patient receiving care in Ontario, a woman in her 50s, had died. She was transported out of the province for care on May 28.

“Our condolences are extended to this individual’s family and loved ones for their loss,” a spokesperson for Shared Health said in a statement, adding the death will be added to Manitoba’s totals in the coming days.

There have now been 11 Manitobans who have died from COVID-19 after being transferred to another province.

Shared Health says since transfers started last month, 57 patients have been transferred from Manitoba to other provinces to receive additional care and to help manage hospital beds in the province. Of those patients, 53 have been sent to Ontario, two were sent to Alberta, and two were sent to Saskatchewan.

There are currently 10 Manitoba patients receiving treatment for COVID-19 in Ontario, while 36 patients have been returned to Manitoba to continue their care.

Including the patients sent outside of the province, Manitoba’s ICUs as of midnight had 121 patients, including 59 COVID-19 patients. The pre-COVID baseline capacity for critical care in Manitoba was 72 patients.

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