Manitobans will pay 20.5% more for natural gas starting May 1

Manitobans who get natural gas from Centra Gas will see a 20.5 per cent hike on their bills starting May 1 after the Public Utilities Board approved a rate increase due to rising natural gas prices.

The Manitoba Hydro subsidiary’s primary gas rate will increase to 20.55 cents per cubic metre from 13.43 cents per cubic metre. 

That will mean an increase around $150 per year for the typical residential customer, the Public Utilities Board said in a news release.

In February, the PUB announced a rate cut that would save customers an average of $121 per year. The cut came after a significant price hike in October 2021, to 19.16 cents per cubic metre.

Customers who have fixed-term contracts with fixed pricing, with Centra Gas or a private broker, will not be affected.

Centra Gas cannot make a profit on the sale of primary gas, which is sold on a cost recovery basis.

The board will review primary gas rates again on Aug. 1.

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