Many Winnipeggers don’t have fire evacuation plans until it’s too late, says Fire Chief

If your home was on fire, would you know how to get out quickly?After five local fires in the past 72 hours, Fire Chief Mark Reshaur says not enough people have evacuation plans for their own homes.“An awful lot of people don’t give it enough thought,” Reshaur told 680 CJOB Monday.“It’s really important that you give it thought, that you have a plan beforehand, that you don’t wait until there’s an emergency to try to figure out what to do.Global NewsHelp us improve GlobalNews.caGlobal NewsTake the survey now!Story continues belowREAD MORE: Flames billow out of Winnipeg apartment near Grant Park Mall“You need to know where to go, where the exits are, and how to get there.”Reshaur said it’s important for families, especially those with children, to have concrete plans to get out of the house quickly and safely in case of an emergency.“We should all have a fire evacuation plan from wherever we live, no matter where we live,” he said.“We should all know two ways out of our homes.”Home fire prevention tips and resources, including information and escape plans for kids, are available on the Winnipeg Fire Paramedic Service website. WATCH: Fire destroys Winnipeg A&W

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