New rules for moose hunting in Manitoba

WINNIPEG — The Manitoba government is extending a ban on moose hunting in the province and is prohibiting all night hunting for licensed hunters on private land.

During a news conference at the Manitoba Legislature on Friday, Agriculture and Resource Development Minister Blaine Pedersen said the province’s moose population has been threatened due to “illegal hunting pressures and natural causes.”

He said the government is extending the moose hunting ban in the Duck and Porcupine Mountain areas by one year.

“While these are not easy decisions, our government has a responsibility to all Manitobans to protect and conserve our wildlife, not just for today, but for future generations,” Pedersen said.

He said the new legislation “carefully balances Indigenous hunting rights with public safety.”

In addition to the ban, the province is prohibiting all night hunting effective Oct. 10.

In a news release, the province said it will be introducing a permit system to allow rights-based hunting on some Crown land.

It said there will be different requirements for northern and southern Manitoba. These requirements were based on “extensive” Crown-Indigenous consultations.

In the north, Indigenous hunters are allowed to hunt on Crown land without a permit. Nigh hunting by rights holders is still prohibited near occupied sites and roadways.

In the south, night hunting is banned for everyone except those with a permit that allows rights-based hunting on crown land.

Pedersen said anyone hunting has to follow all other requirements and not hunt dangerously.

The province will also be making management committees that will give recommendations on conservation and wildlife management in specific areas. The province said half of every committee must be Indigenous, and the committees must include hunters, outfitters, and local landowners.

The province said it will have “robust enforcement” of the new rules, effective immediately.

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