No vehicle involved in cycling incident that seriously injured man: police

UPDATE: Winnipeg police said Friday that it’s believed Ditchfield likely fell off his bike and got hurt after hitting a curb in a parking lot. Police said they spoke with a witness who helped Ditchfield after the crash, and the incident is no longer being treated as a hit and run.

EARLIER: A Winnipeg man is hoping someone can help shed light on what caused the serious injuries he suffered this past weekend while out for a bike ride in the Polo Park area.

Christopher Ditchfield, 42, said he woke up in a pool of his own blood Sunday sometime after 1 p.m. in a parking lot located at the northwest corner of Empress Street and Sargent Avenue but he has no memory of exactly how he ended up there.

He said he suffered three cracked vertebrae and facial injuries.

“I don’t know what happened,” said Ditchfield. “I just wish somebody would come forward.”

Ditchfield said he was riding a mountain bike, heading west on the north sidewalk along Sargent Avenue. When he got to Empress Street, he saw the walk signal activated and said he proceeded to cycle across the street in the pedestrian crossing.

“My last memory is being in an intersection and then I woke up,” said Ditchfield. “Waking up from that was pretty brutal.”

Ditchfield said when he regained consciousness, a man was at his side asking if he was okay and if he needed an ambulance.

Ditchfield declined the offer and opted instead to walk to Health Sciences Centre but he said he didn’t get the man’s name.

In hindsight, Ditchfield wishes he would’ve got his contact information.

He thinks that man may be able to help him find out what caused his injuries.

“Maybe it was me wiping out,” said Ditchfield. “I don’t have a memory of it.

“Hopefully I heal pretty quick. I just want to know what happened to be honest with you.”

Ditchfield said he left the bike he was riding at the intersection and it was gone when he went back to the area.

He said when he regained consciousness, he noticed the front tire had come off the bike but he’s not sure why.

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