Portage Diversion to close, Red River Floodway to remain open

The Portage Diversion will be closed Saturday due to declining water levels on the Assiniboine River but the floodway will remain open, according to a release by the province.

A flood warning continues for the Red River from Emerson to the Red River Floodway channel inlet.

The province said the Red River is expected to peak sometime between April 20-22 in Emerson with peak flows ranging from 20,000 and 24,300 cubic feet per second.

The province noted the closure of PTH 75 north of Morris may not be necessary based on the most recent flood forecast and has staff monitoring river water levels.

A flood watch is in effect for the Roseau River in southwest Manitoba with high flows expected. Discussions are ongoing with provincial officials and those from the RM of Stuartburn regarding both the Rouseau River and the Gardenton Floodway with precautionary safety reviews of infrastructure like bridges ongoing.

A high water advisory is now in place for the Saskatchewan and Carrot rivers near The Pas. The province said with upcoming warmer temperatures, ice could start moving resulting in potential ice jams.

Water levels along the Assiniboine, Souris and Pembina rivers are low with no significant flooding issues and major lakes are within normal or desirable operating ranges. Both Lake Winnipeg and Lake Manitoba are still mostly ice covered.

Property owners are reminded to protect wells as high water rolls through the Manitoba portion of the Red River Valley. More information is available online.

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